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As you already know, webinars have higher conversions than the majority of sales mediums out there. However, let's say that you have your webinar up and running, but it’s just not getting the best sales conversions...

You have to ask yourself... why are your attendees not buying?

...One reason why your webinar sales are not doing as well as you want is due to the amount of traffic coming in... such as low real attendee rate. If you have only a handful of attendees, how many sales are you realistically going to make?

...Another reason is simply because your prospects are busy and they truly did forget. So many people have lives outside of what you are trying to sell that it can be easy to think that you're doing something wrong, when in actual fact a simple reminder was needed.

...Another thing people tend to forget is what to do after your webinar has finished. You still need to follow-up with people, such as sending them emails and webinar replays and more and tell them what action to take.

So it's obvious that there are things outside the webinar event itself that you need to do... from the time they register to attend... to the actual day it occurs... to the few days after the event.

Of course this is easier said than done which is why many marketers oversee these details and miss out on potential sales. On top of that... how you approach these 'profit spots' in your webinar is important which we will be covering in this advance video course.


Advance Lesson 1 - An Overview on Converting Non-Buyers and Non-Attendees

In this video lesson we'll discuss why conversion rates play an important role in your online success. We'll look at some of the reasons why your webinar might not be converting as well as you want... and more importantly what you can do to solve this problem.


Advance Lesson 2 - Biggest Mistakes Webinar Hosts Make That Lose Sales

Trial and error is a necessary process one has to go through especially when they venture into new territory. However this can get costly very quickly especially if you are investing $1000s in paid traffic or if your reputation is on the line. Many webinar hosts make mistakes that cause them to lose sales. So in this specific video we are going to cover how you can combat this so you do not lose as many sales.


Advance Lesson 3 - How to Increase Your Actual Attendee Rate

One of the biggest problems that you will face is getting people who signed up for the webinar to actually show up. The truth of the matter is that not everybody who signs up will actually show up. In fact statistics show that out of those people who have signed up for your webinar sometimes over 50% will not show up. So how do you combat this and make sure that you can increase your actual attend rate? There will be more on that in this particular video.


Advance Lesson 4 - Webinar Email Schedule

It's important to use an email follow-up system so that you can remind people of your webinar, and so you can email them after the webinar, especially the people who did not show up for your webinar. So in this video we will be covering a specific email schedule we recommend that works really well.


Advance Lesson 5 - Email Follow Up and Reminder Templates

How would you like to swipe our email follow up and reminder templates? How would you like to know what subject lines to use, what message to send out, how often and when? Every conversion rate increase makes a massive difference to your business which is why you won't want to miss this important video.


Advance Lesson 6 - Getting People Through Your Door

It's your last chance to get people through the door to buy your product and service. Often times we can use webinar replay, which basically allows previously recorded webinars to be sent to people so they can watch the webinar again. Though there is a specific strategy that we can employ that will help you increase your sales. This especially works with people who are on the fence and are unsure about buying your product or service because of certain objections.


Advance Lesson 7 - After the Webinar Follow Up Templates

In addition, how would you like access to our follow up templates specifically for after your webinar is over? This is crucial because you want to be able to reach those who attended your webinar as well as those who have not attended.


A Simple 10% Signup Rate Increase... 20% Boost in Attendees... and 10% Sale Increase Could Add an Extra $4,728 in Your Pocket from the Same Number of Visitors!... with Every Webinar You Launch!

Let's look at the numbers for a second...

If you send 1000 visitors to your webinar landing page...
And of those 1000 visitors, at a 20% signup rate, 200 signed up for your webinar....
And of those 200 signups, at a 30% attendee rate, 60 actually attend your webinar...
And of those 60 attendees, at a 10% sale rate, 6 attendees purchase your $197 offer...

You will have made $1,182 from those 1000 visitors.

Now let's assume you increased your sign up rate and attendee rate and overall sale conversions from follow-ups...

If you send 1000 visitors for you webinar landing page...
And of those 1000 visitors, at a 30% signup rate, 300 signed up for your webinar...
And of those 300 signups, at a 50% attendee rate, 150 actually attend your webinar...
And of those 150 attendees, at a 20% sale rate, 30 attendees purchase your $197 offer...

You will have made $5,910 from those same 1000 visitors.


When you take the time to fine-tune your webinar you can see how a simple 10% increase in signups, 20% increase in attendees and a 10% increase in sales can make a massive $4,728 difference to your income... without actually changing the webinar itself.

Now take into account that the marketer from the first scenario has to spend $1 per visitor to get the traffic, the profit margin will only be $182 for every webinar held. The second marketer however can spend the same $1 per visitor, get the same amount of traffic and still turn a $4,910 profit... just be applying some simple tweaks!

This is why it's so important to apply the right tactics to your webinar events. Things that you're not doing, and things that you're not aware of are costing you big time! A small increase in conversions can turn 'breaking even' and 'losing' campaigns into a multi 4-figure pay days.


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