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How Would You Like to Create All Your Products in Your Sales Funnel Strategically to Ensure You Have the Highest Converting and Most Profitable Sales Funnel Quickly & Easily... within the Next 60 Minutes!

You're about to discover a top-level reverse engineer strategy to create your most profitable product in your sales funnel first in the shortest amount of time possible to create a fail-proof online business that always produces a healthy cash-flow!

There's a lot of talk about different sales funnels and different funnel blueprints, but you're often left overwhelmed, more confused or left in the dark wondering how to put it into practice.

You're often left with questions like...

"There's so many things I need to do... but where the heck do I start?..."

"What kind of offers should I create so I have the highest converting funnel?..."

"How do I know if I'm doing the right thing when I do start?..."

"What should my freebie be to get people to opt into my list so I can promote my front-end offer?..."

"What the heck should my front-end offer be?..."

"What is my one-time offer or first upsell?..."

"What about my upsells after that?..."

"How do I go about creating my high-end product, mastermind or coaching program?..."

The list goes on and on.

And to be honest... if you can relate to any of these questions... then you're already ahead of the game.

Why?... Because you've being doing your homework and you're actually AWARE of what needs to be done. Just think how bad it is for the person reading this and not knowing what a 'one time offer' is!

But unfortunately that doesn't leave you in a better position because there's still work to do. So you're left back to the old drawing board...

You're stuck.

The problem with the traditional sales funnel method that most guru's teach you is that it's a long drawn-out process.

Whilst the strategy itself is brilliant... the process of actually getting a fully working funnel that converts cold visitors into sales is actually easier said than done.

Here's why...

...Getting a squeeze page setup with an offer to give away is already a challenge for most beginners...

...Creating an low-priced offer that converts consistently is yet another challenge...

...Then creating a series of up-sells behind that low-priced offer is just as hard... yet absolutely necessary to minimize costs or break even with paid traffic...

As experienced product creators ourselves and after undergoing years of setbacks... disappointments, trial and error, we know exactly what's ahead of you. We know what obstacles you'll face... what technical road-blocks you'll encouter... what hard decisions you'll have to make.

But here's the thing... it doesn't have to be that way

You'll be excited to know that there is a very effective strategy that exists to speed up your sales funnel creation process... fast! And we're about to share it with you in great detail!

Not only will we share this strategy with you in it's entirety, but we'll guide you through real life practical examples that you can follow and apply to your own business.

So by the end of this specialist course, you'll have the knowledge and wisdom to create a winning sales funnel using the most profitable process available.

Introducing... Reverse Sales Funnel

Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Backward Funnel Method

Up until this point you may not have heard of the backward funnel method. So in this particular video we are going to give you a quick overview of exactly what will be discussed in this video course. Plus, we'll talk about how it all works so that you can create your own game plan for implementation.

Lesson 2 - The Ladder

Before we can jump into understanding how to implement this method, you need to understand what causes writers block or, in this case, a big roadblock that prevents you from creating your products and services in the form of front end offers and one time offers.

Lesson 3 - The Biggest Mistake

Once you understand how to prevent writers block and potential future roadblocks, it's time for you to learn about the biggest mistake that most people tend to make when it comes to building your sales funnel final from front to back.

Lesson 4 - Your High Ticket Offer

In this particular video we will be covering your highest priced offer first. We will discuss how you can go about creating lists, what it entails, and why you should start with this offer first rather than starting from the front.

Lesson 5 - Your One Time Offer

Next, we will move to the one time offer and show you exactly how to make everything congruent so that you have the highest converting funnel ever. Now, there is a specific way of doing this, so we will show you step-by-step how to go from basic understanding to full implementation in this video.

Lesson 6 - Your Front End

Next we will cover the front end offer. This is going to be what people see as of the first page that sells your first product. Oftentimes when businesses start at this point and move forward through their sales funnel, they get extremely confused. We don't want that to happen to you, so we will make sure that you understand exactly how to create a high converting funnel as well as an effective one.

Lesson 7 - Your Lead Magnet

Now comes the freebie that you can offer to people in exchange for their email address. This can be considered building your prospect of lists or people that have not purchased your product just yet. But this part is crucial because it's the very front end of your sales funnel. Do this wrong and you can ruin the rest of the funnel. Do this right and you can set the tone for your sales funnel and a positive, high conversion rate.

Lesson 8 - Practical Application: 5 Minute Examples

By this point you will understand exactly how to implement the backward sales funnel method. In no time will you be able to create your finals quickly and easily; in fact, youíll be able to do it within five minutes or less. But to put this into perspective and to ensure that you are fully confident, we will cover five-minute examples to show you exactly how easy this is.

Lesson 9 - Recommended Platforms to Connect To

Congratulations! You have reached the end of this video course. By this point you will have learned how to implement and activate your game plan. However, you will still need to have a platform that allows you to sell your products and services. We will cover this in the recommended platforms to help you apply this right away. Weíll also take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. This way you can come to the best decision for your business and success.


“A Reverse Sales Funnel Sounds Quite Complicated... Is This Really For Me?“

Reverse engineering your sales funnel is the most smartest thing you can do right now.

I mean think about it... the whole point of creating one in the first place is to maximize your profits. Why not do so by creating your most profitable product first and attract your highest-paying customers and clients?

Afterall it only makes sense because now you can SAFELY expand your sales funnel to attract more of the marketplace and more customers.

And yes we know that the idea of flipping a traditional sales funnel upside down and reverse engineering it sounds complicated... but really it's just a different (and more importantly easier) approach to building something that's already quite challenging.

If you understand the importance of a sales funnel and want to create a profitable campaign as quickly as possible with the most minimum amount of risk... then YES this is for you.

If you have already begun the process of building your first sales funnel, but feel like you've hit a wall or things are going much slower than they should be... then YES this is for you.

If you haven't got to work on your sales funnel because you were just so overwhelmed by the entire process and felt like you needed one more piece of advice to make sure you do it right... then YES this is for you.

This specialist course was designed to help you create a long-term conversion strategy using the most profitable and safest process. This is not known by the masses and is your change to get a head start in the game. Discover how to set up all your products and services inside of your sales funnel to create the highest converting funnel right off the bat!


It couldn't be easier! Watch, learn and apply what you need to know... when you need to know it!

You have absolutely every reason to become successful online and with all this knowledge at your fingertips nothing will hold you back.

Use your new found knowledge to learn, grow and expand so you can attract more prospects, customers and clients.

Listen... it's not about trying to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes all it takes is knowing how to work with what's already in front of you to get the results you need.

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